RENTAL MODEL’s dresses are in the sole responsibility of yourself, the hirer, and therefore we expect you to take good care of our products, minor spillages and small marks are inevitable and we have high quality dry cleaners on hand who clean all the dresses when we receive them back to our offices from customers, however if a product is returned in a damaged or dirty condition that exceeds normal wear and tear, as determined by our team in its sole discretion, you agree that we may charge you for the repair cost of a product if damaged or stained, or we also hold the right to charge you the full cost of replacing such products if ruined beyond repair. The product replacement fee will vary depending on each dress but should be no more than £50.
You the customer are responsible for loss or damage to our dresses such as theft, fire, severe stains and any other causes in the hiring period. Please understand that if the dress is returned with any kind of these damages, you are to pay the full retail price according with our price lists. The customer must notify us of any damage to our dress that occurs during their hire period.
If a customer decides not to send the rented dress back to us, we reserve the right to charge the customer the full retail price that paid for the dress they hold, each dress price varies depending on designer of the dress.
We strongly suggest you keep the proof of delivery receipt when the dress is sent back to us, because if we do not receive a product back from you, and you the customer has no proof of delivery, we hold the authority to charge your credit card the full retail price of the dress. Again the retail selling price of the designer dress at the date of hire will vary depending on each dress.
Under no circumstances are customers to attempt to clean any products themselves (dry clean, cold wash or any other way) If done so, we reserve the right to charge the customer for part or full replacement value of the dress if any damage is done to the product.
If the dress is not returned to us at on the first working day after the event date you selected at checkout, we reserve the right to charge you £15 for each day the dress is not returned back to us, as you are preventing other customers from renting that dress
We are only offering our rental model to people based in London at the moment


Pick Your Look
Select a delivery date (we recommend allowing 1-2 days before your event) and decide how long you’d like to keep your items (we offer 4 and 8-day rentals)
Stress-Free Returns
When your rental period is up, place your items back in the brown bag they came in. Then send it back using the prepaid shipping label. We'll handle the dry cleaning.