Farleigh.io was launched in 2018 after it’s founder Farleigh Hungerford returned from Los Angeles and wanted to bring their forward-thinking zero waste ethos to British fashion.

Each piece is limited edition, hand designed by Farleigh & locally produced in London with every process carefully considered to ensure a final product that is 100% sustainable. For AW19, Farleigh.io will be the first emerging British fashion brand to launch a direct-to-consumer rental service, making you re-think the way you wear. We will ensure that on return each piece is carefully vetted, repaired, rejuvenated and refreshed before meeting its new owner.

Founder Farleigh Hungerford explains - "I'm interested in changing the way that we buy, wear and relate to our clothes.  I hope to step by step move Farleigh.io towards a renting clothes model. The dream being to have an easy-to-use, clothes delivery service - delivering occasional dresses to customers ready for holidays and events.  Consequently leaving customers with a capsule wardrobe full of just their precious staples and no wasted items. I believe the fashion market is heading towards a more conscious consumerist world where people will give more thought to the life cycle of their clothes.  Farleigh.io wants to be at the front line of encouraging clothing longevity, giving each Farleigh dress lots of lives. Social media has changed the way we wear clothes and waste has now become worse then ever. A recent study revealed that Brits spend more than £36,000 on clothes they never wear.  If I can contribute to help reducing this waste then I will. The opportunity to rent a Farleigh.io dress will be available for the first time this autumn; so join the bandwagon and become a 'Farleigh’s Angel' But don’t worry - If you decide to purchase your Farleigh.io piece, a tree is planted for for every item sold in partnership with weforest.org." 


The AW19 collection is a menagerie of seventies inspired pieces predominantly in velvet flooded with hand-designed celestial prints upon inky blues, blacks and moody mustards. Part of the collection is also inspired by Farleigh’s obsession with Western wear with a nod to traditional cowboy shapes, fabrics and embroidery.


Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. It’s an evolving goal and we admit to not having all the answers but looking after the planet is a key part of our values. We focus this goal into two main areas; the making and manufacturing of our product and the offsetting of our carbon footprint.

Our Products

Making the product is all about asking questions about the lifecycle of the clothes. This includes everything from where we source our fabrics fibres, the making, dyeing, moving materials, manufacturing, packaging, shipping, garment care and how we decompose or recycle our clothes when we are done with them.


It’s not enough nowadays just to manufacture sustainably. So we are also invested in a sponsorship programme so that our product’s carbon footprint is offset and we become a carbon neutral business. We have teamed up with the organisation  We forest.org to help give back some of the resources we use in making our clothes. In other words, in exchange for emissions, water and waste that we use to make clothes, we protect key areas of rainforest from deforestation, offering jobs to local communities and rebuilding ecosystems. We are currently doing this by planting trees in Zambia.

Why trees? They are the lungs of the earth. We enjoy their company. We respect them.  We want them to continue to be a major part of our ecostysems. We want them to help make earth a cooler place.

We are calculating the number of trees we have planted so we can monitor our progress. See where we are planting  here

All the best

Farleigh  x